Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back at FINR

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the prayers. Christie is back at FINR. She just had a virus. Please keep remembering my unspoken prayer request.
Love Becky and Christie

So far so good

Christie is doing much better. They are going to start her tube feedings back to day and see how she tolerates them. Her stomach is doing better, so it does still look like it was just a virus. I'll let you know more after I get an afternoon report. Thanks for the many prayers, thoughts and kind words.
Becky and Christie

Friday, August 29, 2008

One Step Back

Christie had to go to the hospital last night. She was throwing up and had diarrhea. She is at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. They are going to keep her for a couple of days. Right now they think it is a virus, but they haven't ruled out Ileus. Ileus is a bowel obstruction. I will keep you updated. I have called 3 times today, and this is all the info I have right now. Please also remember the unspoken request.
Becky and Christie

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have a special unspoken prayer. I need everyone to pray about. God knows my heart and the need. I pray his will be done and me to accept his Grace and Love.
Thank you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Very good day

Christie has had a great day. Aunt Paula, Aaron and Courtney went to visit. They got to see Christie do her therapies. Christie tried to talk to them, a lot of air came out but no sound. Christie does have a blister on the back of her right foot, so she can't wear her brace. Christie did a lot of writing. Her writing is also getting much better. Christie's hair wasn't braided, so Courtney was going to braid it for her, Christie told her "no, Mom" Aunt Paula was going to cut Christie's fingernails, but Christie wouldn't let her do that either.Christie told her "no, Mom." I know it is small things, but it makes me feel good to know Christie knows I do the little things for her and she doesn't want anyone else to do it. I LOVE being the MOMMY.
Christie also beat Aunt Paula and Courtney in tic tac toe, and thumb wars. I think Courtney won 1 of the games of thumb wars. I will update new pictures as soon as Aunt Paula sends them to me.
Thanks for every ones continued prayers. Christie is proof that prayer will and does change things.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

She's at it again

Christie is doing well. She keeps pulling out her feeding tube, even though the nurses put an abdomen belt on her to keep her from pulling it out. She continues to get past it and tries to pull it out anyway. The nurses put a big mitt on her hand to keep her from pulling it out. I hate they had to limit her mobility , but she has to stop pulling on the feeding tube. Christie has her sense of humor back. The other day one of the nurses told her to leave it alone , and she mouthed the words"do I have to?"
I hope God sees fit to allow her to talk again, and to eat again. I hope she will be able to do both. If God only allows one, I hope she can eat. There are other ways to communicate, but only one way to eat.
I love you Christie

Friday, August 22, 2008


I talked to Christie today. Jose called me because Christie wanted to hear my voice. That makes my day. Christie asked Jose "where is my voice" Jose told her she had been in a wreck and that her voice was gone for now, but they were working on getting it back.My Christie is getting well. She use to call me before the wreck just to talk. We talked everyday at the same time.As soon as she got out of school, I would call her she would tell me how her day at school was and I would tell her about my day at work.
I can't wait to see her.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wish I was there

I don't have much to update. Christie is doing great. She is doing well in all of her therapies, and I hear she is beating everyone at connect four. You know the checker game where you have to put four in a row before your opponent. I wish I where there to play with her.

Monday, August 18, 2008

She's Back

Yesterday Paula and Aaron went to visit Christie. They had a really great visit. They wrote to each other on the magna doodle. The one thing that was the greatest.Anyone who knows Christie knows how much she loves to pinch. Well, a picture is worth 1000 words. Sorry Aaron.

School started early for Christie

I talked to Kim, Christie's speech therapist. Kim introduced Christie to the computer, Christie maneuvered the mouse herself. Christie scored a 100% on her comprehension. She read each of the paragraphs and used the mouse to answer the question correctly. School would have started for Christie tomorrow if this terrible wreck had not occurred, I guess Christie got a head start.She took her test and scored 100%. I've been told Richard will start back to work in 2 months, If he does, then maybe Christie's insurance will continue and Christie will be able to remain at FINR for the full 2 years. What a blessing that would be for her in her recovery.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting better all the time

Christie is doing great. I talked to the dietitian today, and they are going to try increasing her tube feedings a little to make sure she isn't hungry. I should get a report Friday and see how that is going. Her therapies are going well. She really is doing a great job. She is a real fighter. Christie has already surpassed every ones expectations, and she is still going. I think she may be related to the energizer bunny.After all she is her mama's daughter.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

God is Good

Mama and I went to see Christie. We got to see her Thursday and Friday. Mama brought her a poster of a dragon. Christie loves dragons. I brought her 3 books on CD. We thought it might help kill time when she doesn't have visitors or therapies.
Christie has improved so much. If you speak to her, she gets confused and mouths "What" Kim, the speech therapist found out if you write to Christie on a dry erase board, that she can read and understand what you wrote. Christie also surprised us all by writing back. I will post some of the pictures of her messages tomorrow as I have just got home and have a lot to do. I would ask that if anyone is in contact with Christie, please don't eat or drink or talk of food in front of her. She has written and mouthed the words that she wants food. So please be courteous to her. Thank you. Also, she got her braces for her legs. She has to wear them 24/7 unless she is getting a bath. She don't like them but I showed her pictures of her feet and explained why she needs them so now she calls them her new shoes. The nurses ask her if she is in pain so they can give her something if she is. Christie is fortunate to have such caring people that are there to help her. FINR has some of the nicest, caring staff and I thank you all for taking such good care of Christie when I can't be there.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

still at it

I haven't heard to much with Christie changing, but a funny thing I did hear was that Jose her case manager went by her room and he saw Christie messing with her feeding tube again. Christie put her finger over her mouth as if to tell him not to tell on her.Jose did let the nurses know and they put an abdominal band on so she can't mess with the tube.Moral of the story, don't tell Jose your secrets. lol.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

That little Rascal

I called again to check on Christie as she had pulled out her feeding tube. The X-Ray tec got there to take an X-ray to make sure it was in the right place. When the nurse turned back the cover there was Christie with the newly replaced feeding tube in her hand. She had pulled it out again. They put it back, took the X-ray all was good. When someone else came in the room and ask Christie if she had pulled out her tube she mouthed the words "no" the nurse said "You did to and I already called your Mama and told her" Christie shook her head as to say "No you didn't".
I hate she is causing more work for the staff, but I'm glad she is getting better. I love my baby girl.

A little note

Christie is doing O.K. . I called last night and talked to her. When I talked to the CNA I told her Christie could hold the phone herself if she put the phone to her left ear she could hold the phone with her right hand. After I was done talking to her I told her to give the phone back to the CNA. When the CNA got back on the phone I asked her if Christie gave her the phone back? The CNA told me no, but that she did put the phone down on her chest, and was mouthing something to her she couldn't understand.
Sunday I got a call from FINR, Christie pulled out her feeding tube.They put it back in without any problem. Christie wants to eat one day maybe she will.

About Christie

I am Becky, Christie's Mom and I want to tell you about Christie. Christie is a beautiful, outgoing, and caring person. She loves outside, turtles, frogs, birds all kinds of animals especially horses. Christie has talked about maybe becoming a vet. Christie was injured in a car wreck on April 19,2008. Christie has a severe globial brain injury where they had to remove the whole left tempral lobe. This blog is to share Christie's story. She is a fighter, and she is making a recovery that no one thought she would.


This is a truly BEAUTIFUL piece. Please Read this at a slow pace, digesting every word and in not hurry... This is a treasure...
>For those lucky to still be blessed with your Mom,This is beautiful. For those of us who aren't, this is Even more beautiful. For those who are moms, you'll love this.
>The young mother set her foot on the path of life. 'Is This the long way?' she asked. And the guide said:'Yes, and the way is hard. And you will be old before you reach the end of it... But The end will be better than the beginning.'
But the young mother was happy, and she would not Believe that anything could be better than these years. So she Played with her children, and gathered flowers for Them along the way, and bathed them in the clear streams; and The sun shone on them, and the young Mother cried,'Nothing will ever be lovelier than this.'
>Then the night came, and the storm, and the path was Dark, and the children shook with fear and cold, and the mother Drew them close and covered them with her mantle, and the children said, 'Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near, and no harm can come.'
>And the morning came, and there was a hill ahead, and The children climbed and grew weary, and the mother was weary. But at all times she said to the children,' A little patience and we are there.'So the children climbed, and when they reached the top They said, 'Mother, we would not have done it without you.'
>And the mother, when she lay down at night looked up At the stars and said, 'This is a better day than the last, for my Children have learned fortitude in the face of hardness.Yesterday I gave them courage. Today, I've given them strength.'
>And the next day came strange clouds which darkened The earth, clouds of war and hate and evil, and the children groped And stumbled, and the mother said: 'Look up. Lift your eyes to the light. ' And the children looked and saw above the clouds An everlasting glory, and it guided them beyond the Darkness. And that night the Mother said, 'This is the best day of all, for I have shown my children God.'
>And the days went on, and the weeks and the months and The years, and the mother grew old and she was little and bent. But her children were tall and strong, and walked with Courage. And when the way was rough, they lifted her, For she was as light as a feather; and at last they came to a hill,And beyond they could see a shining road and golden gates flung wide. And Mother said, 'I have reached the end of my journey. And now I know the end Is better than the beginning, for my children can Walk alone, and their children after them.'
>And the children said, 'You will always walk with us, Mother, even when you have gone through the gates.'And they stood and watched her as she went on alone, and the gates Closed after her. And they said: 'We cannot see her But she is with us still. A Mother like ours is more than a memory. She Is a living presence.......'
>Your Mother is always with you... She's the whisper Of the leaves as you walk down the street; she's the smell of bleach In your freshly laundered socks; she's the cool hand On your brow when you're not well. Your Mother lives Inside your laughter. And she's crystallized in every tear drop. She's the place you came from, your first home; and she's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love And your first heartbreak, and nothing on earth can Separate you.Not time, not space... Not even death!